Electronics & Communication Engineering Department

About Department

The department of EC is enriched with several coherent laboratories like microwave & Audio, Electronics devices & ckt, Digital ckt & Microprocessor, Communication, Industrial Electronics, etc. with felicitous & latest instruments & components purchased from famous & standard vendors, which fulfills more than minimum requirements of practical work as per the curriculum issued by university. The workspace of the labs & classrooms are as per AICTE accreditation. There is also an active participation of faculty members & students in different kind of training program, workshops and technical events inside & outside the campus. All staff members are optimistic, young & determined towards the goal & enthusiastic towards job assigned. This leaves collaborative environment in the department which helps to step ahead towards further development & challenges for the department.

Faculty Members

Mrs. Sapna N Garde (HOD)

Qualification M.E. (E & C)
Date of Joining 01 May 2006
Area of Interest Networking

Ms. Rozmin G Mansur

Qualification M.E. (E & C)
Date of Joining 17 June 2013
Area of Interest Electronics & Communication

Mrs. Rima D. Patel

Qualification B.E. (E & C)
Date of Joining 11 July 2011


Communication Lab

DC Lab


IE Lab


Physics Lab